UCF20 Clearance

Petis came through today to have some clearance work done on his pre-facelift UCF20. The first task was supposed to be round 2 on some UCA clearance holes that knocked my drill out a couple weeks ago. However, his mechanic had already cut out the piece we left with the guide hole. I wish they would have left it so we could have finished as planned, but it didn’t come out too bad and they had good intentions.

Part two was to relocate the harness to avoid rubbage in the drivers side fender well. Petis had to raise his car becuase he had aleady started to wear through the wiring. Usually there is enough slack in the harness to just lift it out of the way but not on this platform. The underhood fuse block had to be broken down and the wire rerouted.

After a couple attempts I came up with something that worked and looked nice too.


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  1. Was it absolutley necessary to remove the fender to tuck the harness?

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