Product Pictures

Spent some time behind the camera today trying to get some decent pics of some of the products Original Garage offers. We don’t have a huge warehouse or a million dollar budget so items are handpicked based on quality, service, and innovation.

First off, a company that hits big on all 3 points: Umbrella Auto Design. This is their VRH Suspension kit, more commonly referred to as “cups”. I won’t go too far into it, but for those who don’t know these offer the precision and handling of coilovers with the convenience of bags.

Cups are the future, and the future is now.

BC Racing is the current coilover of choice for Original Garage. They offer a level of build quality comparable to the Japanese brands, customization options, and a price tag that won’t break the bank.

OG is also a dealer for SPL Suspension. Nissan cats have made adopting parts from other models an art. Whether you have a G50, Y33, Y34, or an F50 something will work.

Packed with features like self lubricating bearings, TIG welding, precision machining, and hybrid adjusters; SPL offers some of the best arms on the market. I run these on my Q45.

Rounding it out are some misc. retrofit items. We are a stocking dealer for Luxury Mods, keep desirable projectors in stock (varies), and have an account with the best parts supplier in the game. Whatever your needs we can supply you with the goods. Simple labor available.


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