Brandon’s 1GS

It’s always rewarding to help someone make a change for the better.

I first met Brandon a while back when I was cruisin’ the local strip in my LS. I saw a couple cats chillin’ next to their cars so I decided to get a closer look. Brandon’s was the only one that was “VIP” (ish, inspired, aspiring, etc.) so we chatted for a minute and I rolled out. I later continued to see Brandon around, see his car get torn up, and continued talking to him about getting his project where he wanted to be. Eventually he brought it to Original Garage, and not a moment too soon…

The first gen was dropped off on stock 2GS wheels with a suspension setup that Brandon just couldn’t take any more. He was patient while his custom spec (14/12k) “Extreme Drop” BC Racing coilovers arrived. He also supplied some front roll center adjusters (not sure of the brand) and later brought me some 19×9/10″ Weds Kranze Cerberus (OG) wrapped in fresh rubber. After an unexpectedly long wait his old JIC SF-1s were scrapped in favor of the full featured BC units, the RCA were installed, the wheel wells were clearanced for the UCA, and the Weds were slapped on with the help of some 25mm spacers. His car then received a much needed bath and was rolled in for an alignment. 5/4* of camber were dialed in and his toe was set to spec to help preserve his tires.

By the time the car left it looked and rode like a whole new car. I’m anxious to see if Brandon continues to make progress on his Aristo badged 1GS.


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