In the Booth, Vol. 1: Gio’s “ogBusiness” Interior

The booth won’t be fully functional until next week, but we went ahead and broke it in. Gio (Futura Designs/Refined Elegance) sent in his interior pieces for refinish. The initial plan was to dip the pieces but because of the nature of the project it wasn’t an option. Instead it will be a mutli-layer paint job using PPG basecoat/clearcoat.

After prep Al laid down some base, then clear, which is color matched to Gio’s new leather. For more detailed info on the project click here.

“You can’t go on vacation until the pieces are done.”


Stage 1 complete. After the paint cures it will be scuffed, masked off, sprayed again with the second color, cleared, and cut/buff to a piano-like finish.


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