Slow Week.

One good thing about being so small is that it doesn’t take much to stay busy. A little progress has been made on project G50 (updates soon) and there are a couple “top secret” mail-in projects in the oven, but all in all it was a slow (and hot!) week.

David brought his 2GS back in for installation of his TTE lip. The design of the piece leaves a little to be desired (first time I had seen one off the car) but we got a solid mount that was drivable in a few hours (w/o the blue tape by the way). Unfortunately the afternoon sun ruined my better pics.

While the adhesive set up we also threw on some JDM chrome handles. You are probably noticing the accessories are being added while the car rides on G35 wheels but David is a family man so we won’t knock him for that. He has put together a decent list of mods including the lip, handles, BC Racing coilovers, Figs rear multilink, OG LS460 retrofitted headlights, LED tails, and some audio; but new shoes are on the list. Next up is a chrome trunk bar and JDM window visors.

If you didn’t know: Original Garage has teamed up with Next Level Window Tint to offer window tinting to our customers. Solar Guard is the main product used (I’m working on getting some high-end options also) in levels of varying quality. Jon brought in his Yaris for the Solar Guard High Performance (mid-grade) treatment. He chose to keep it legal with 35% fronts and %20 back half. I don’t know why but I actually want to build this car.


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