NOT Rattle Can

Yeah, yeah, yeah… No updates in weeks then 3 in one day. So what? I can do that.

I finally snapped a high quality pic of some of Gio’s interior pieces. This project has been a lot more work than expected but Al has been laying down coat after coat of PPG branded excellence. I have to say thanks to Gio (AKA Gato) for being patient, we definitely appreciate understanding from our valued customers.

For those who don’t know, the interior was inspired by Brabus’, in collaboration with Apple, iBusiness W221 S Class Mercedes. If you’re familiar with Gato’s history then you know that this build will be executed well.

And for those of you that think your front yard aerosol job is up to par (we won’t even get into paint composition) I encourage you to compare. Let me know how that goes…

No cut, no buff by the way.


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  1. Funny Mike. Lol…

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