Thomas’ 2GS Update

Pic Credit: Chris Pereira

If you think waaay back you may remember Thomas’ supercharged GS400. The retrofit we were commissioned to do was completed (it ended up being a Y50/H4 mini quad setup) and “speedaddict” has continued working toward his goal constantly since then. We are now doing a set of one off led tails as well as having some interior pieces dipped to match his Lexus interior. Other notable recent modifications include custom rebarelled/refinished 20″ SSR GT3 wheels, a new F/R BBK from the homies at Futura Designs, a fresh Mode Parfume bumper to replace his damaged one, and some upholstery work.

The big news today is that his radius and partial repaint have been completed. We didn’t do the paint/body on this one, but Thomas is a great customer and supporter of Original Garage so we’re going to keep you guys updated on this build anyway. Credit to Tim Pereira, Thomas’ ex-business partner at their old body shop, for a job well done. A lot of care was taken to keep the modifications subtle and classy looking. No surprise there; Thomas approaches car building with an attitude, passion, and attention to detail that’s refreshing in a scene that sometimes feels stale at best. Word.

We can’t wait to see this car’s new look, as well as a couple others, debuted at the Dallas stop on the WekFest Tour(Oct. 23rd).


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