Project G50: Carlsson 1/12 Refinish

So I finally got around to doing something with the 19″ Carlssons for the G50 project. I purchased these NOS from Japan a while back. These were the top of the line as far as 1 piece 1/12s are considered. They are JDM Carlssons for Toyota fitment (5×114.3 PCD, 60.1 CB). They are also the only ones to be offered in the chrome¬†(look) finish¬†as far as I know. In all honesty, if they hadn’t been dinged up in shipping I probably would have left them as is but it was a blessing in disguise.

Thanks to Alex (AKA AlleyKat/AK Garageworks) and some super industrial chemical stripper the original coating was removed. These wheels were actually coated with some sort of plastic then metalized, rather than being traditional chrome.

You saw it here first; OG does rattle can (actually I do a lot). Not too fast though; this is a specialized product, not some stuff off the shelf crap from the local Wal-Mart. SEM self etching primer adds a layer of corrosion protection to bare metal. Also note my new retro hairstyle. Fresh.

Primed up.

Alright, I’m done playing around. Let the man do his thing.

While Al works up a sweat I tighten up on my ninja skills. Want to see how it turned out? Come back tomorrow.


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  1. bitch please. sem self etch primer followed by ppg deltron in period correct mercedes astral silver. next time they see the road they’ll be dipped.

  2. So.. Not only are you a fat ginger, you’re a fat ginger who spray paints shit. Cool i guess.. Chrome plating would have looked much much bstter

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