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No WekFest Coverage

Well, not the kind you may be expecting anyway. I didn’t take a bunch of pics of cars and models; in fact, I barely took any pictures during the actual show. What I did instead was chronicle the journey with my RE fam. Good times were plentiful and I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I did.

North of Houston with Joe and Cheat. Just a heads up; I took most of these pics while driving so if you have an issue with rear 3/4 shots you may as well hit the back button.

Cheat rollin’ with a little too much PSI up front.


Joe pullin’ in to wait for the homie Nez.


And then there was four (three pictured)… Nez is driving the IS for now, but he has his eyes out for a new project.

PSI adjusted. Do want. Pizza.

Also worth noting is how perfectly the tire on the side of the road lined up with Cheat’s mirror. HellaFlush.

I’d like to dedicate this picture to Wortham, Texas; the most miserable place on Earth. I lived there for a few months when I was younger and this is as close as I ever want to be again.

Where are you turning Joe?

Traffic! Must be getting close.

Cambered telephone poll.

Stopping for gas outside of Fort Worth. Not too much though, have to have less than a 1/4 tank in the convention center.

After this we checked into the hotels and went to get some delicioso Mexican food and margaritas. Early to bed, early to rise.

This is what it looked like @ 6AM. Yes, I was the first one there but early is always on time.

From what I understand, somewhere during this time period one of the best shows the State of Texas has seen in some time occurred. If this were an event coverage blog this is where the pics of sick rides and hot models would be, but it’s not. If I were to cover what I did during this time period it would involve a burrito, 2 pretzels, some new(ish) homies (shout out to Swang and Bang), and a bottle or 2 of Kettle One; but I didn’t. What’s  important is I had a great time and enjoyed the most important side of the scene, the people. I’d like to thank WekSos for hosting this show, which was the foundation for one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time; period. After talking to the staff (really cool cats BTW), I can all but guarantee their return for next year. They were definitely impressed by our enthusiasm and quality. Well done Texas (and all those who traveled from out of state).

Time to roll out.

The RE homies (not pictured: Jun) and their awards. From left to right:

Gio – 1st Place: Best Lexus
Cheat – Fatlace Choice Award
Joe – 3rd Place: Best of Show
Thomas – 2nd Place: Domestic, 1st Place: Best of Show

Congrats to everyone who took home an award, as well as those who didn’t. Everyone who participated in this event should be proud.

The next morning we headed out for a mini-shoot with Jun (pics on Khanh’s blog; VIP Car Lifestyle). Thomas was not able to join us because of family priorities. After filling up the tanks we set out to find a good location. Unfortunately, once we finally found a suitable location we were not permitted to stay long. No hard feelings, the spot we chose was a newly built high rise that was expecting important guests. We handled our business quickly and left before we caused any trouble.

Jun doing what it takes to get the dope shots. Also worth noting is this guy’s shoe game.

I’m no pro, but managed to snap a couple decent pics myself.

Did you see that rear bumper though?

After the shoot Joe, Cheat, Nez, and myself headed back to Houston. If you want to see how that went down just scroll backward through the pics (add a couple police for good measure).

Shout out to everyone who played a part in making this weekend what it was.

RIP Brendan Kennedy, you changed my outlook without ever meeting you face to face.


Khanh’s 430 Progress

We are sad to say that Khanh’s UCF31 will not be ready for show at WekFest Dallas (we do have something planned though). The project was just too big for the time alloted. Live and learn I suppose. Anyways… last we shared the body was primed and custom work had begun. The first order of business was the facelift front end. This required a few trips to the dealer and some trimming but no biggie.

The next order of business was a pair of custom fenders. The all metal fenders were widened 1″ and radiused .5″ for lock to lock turning at ride height. Care was taken to ensure that the modifications would be hard to spot once everything is smoothed out.  Vents were added to keep the LS up to par with modern styling cues (without going over the top of course).

Work has also begun on Khanh’s Mode Parfume body kit. These days, if you choose to keep up with the current trends, having a kit isn’t enough. Subtle modifications will set this MP kit apart from the others. Mods include a shaved plate base, added lower lip section, and additional cutouts (styled after the existing holes).

There is a ton of wiring in this car (this is just a small taste). We’re going to pull it all and redo it in an organized manner.

‘Til next time…

Vlene x OG

Gio’s rear bumper is almost wrapped up. This one ended up being a lot more work than expected (don’t they all?). Starting with a Vlene Existence bumper, the corners of the bumper were cut out and sunk in to transform the original body line into a pseudo-diffuser. Molds were taken of his new exhaust tips, then cut and enlarged to ensure perfect fitment. A section of the original body line behind the rear wheel was retained and faded in.

The entire diffuser section was built up to match the contours of the new tips. This also added and aggressive sport-type (vs. OEM style) look to the lower section of the bumper.

After more hiccups than I care to admit the end is finally near.