February 2012 Updates

Things are coming together nicely at original garage. At the first of  the year, when most people are committing to dropping “x” amount of pounds or deciding that this will  be the year they quit smoking, I was making professional goals. Our first year was a great one, filled with more success than failure. However, progress is the name of the game; whether that means continuing to move forward or taking a couple steps back and regrouping. We’re doing a little bit of both.

First off, I’d like to welcome Eduardo Mier to the team. He showed up to our BBQ, A Family Affair, last November and snapped some of the pics that you may have seen. When I decided to step up the blog game (which has been delayed, more on that in a minute) and sent out a call for a part time photographer he was the first to respond and immediately got the job. Welcome aboard homie. I’m sure y’all will all notice the increase in picture quality immediately.

So where do we start…

Image is everything, and although we’re not as well funded as we’d like to be we’re figuring out how to work with what we have. Not having a suitable office to sit down with customers or do paperwork in has always bothered me. In fact, this is the second-third-forth-fifth attempt at building this office. After dealing with shady contractors and slum lord management I had to leave it alone for a while, but it’s finally complete. Not perfect, but at this point it will do.

Another big deal for the first part of 2K12 was BC Racing’s release of Y33 coilovers w/ the spindle included. This means no cutting and welding for you DIY installers. It took a while to get a set mounted but here they are; first set in the states, fitted and sitting pretty. The Q45 you see is owned by Jamie and is actually in for quite a bit of work, so expect to see more on this one in the future. For now it was just important to get these coils mocked up so we could start pushing them.

The sleeping giant. Khanh’s UCF31 project has been sitting in the corner feeling neglected for months, but no longer. The shop has been cleared of projects and the doors have been shut. Most updates in  the near future will be pertaining to this build. On the to do list still are custom fenders, modified body kit, final install of the cup/coilover set up, paint, reassembly, and whatever else we run into along the way. Expect this one to drop early spring.

Also looking to hit the streets this year is the new OG ride. You may recognize it as fellow Refined Elegance member Jeebus’ candy red LS400. Well not for long.

The first step of the transaction was deciding what I didn’t want. The UAS/Tein/Easy Street setup was pulled, the Aimgain kit and exhaust as well. The aggressive Leon Hardiritt Grails were ditched, but I did grab the 19″ Koenig WRV that I had talked Jeebus into buying with the intention of rebuilding. The Q45 retrofitted headlights also got the axe.

Jeebus’ part out went amazingly quick and smooth, however these wheels are still looking for a new home. Specs are 19×9/11 -19 high disk in good condition w/ tires. Price is $3.3K. If you’re interested hit up the contact link or post on the RE Facebook page.

The first step of the rebuild was acquiring some prototype traction rods from Studio as well as removing the already installed Studio parts in preparation for powdercoat. The brakes will also be done.

So what does this mean for the Pres? Guess he’ll just be sitting here a little longer. :sadface:

Stay tuned.


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  1. it’s the only president i’d vote for, 😀

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