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OG x Sessions USA


I recently completed another 2GS retrofit, this time for Bryan of Sessions USA. The low beams were retrofitted with LS460 projecters. The high beams were fitted with a 3″ clear lens in a custom housing and a stainless Sessions shroud.


You’re still here?

It’s been a few months since I did an update. Happy to see that we’re still getting some hits daily. I’ve been posting mostly from my phone to the OG Facebook page, but I’m going to get back to this for more in depth coverage. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Sessions USA 2GS Retrofit


I took this as a quick money project but, as usual, even the slightest bit of custom work turns pretty serious pretty quickly around here. The low beams will be retrofitted with LS460 projectors. No sweat. The high beams will contain a 3″ clear lens surrounded by metal Sessions rings, creating a second 3″ faux projector. Sounds simple enough right? I thought so too. I’m sure I am overkilling it, but whatever…


Initially i didn’t think mounting the lens would be an issue, but once I got everything in my hand I was without a solution. I kind of just jumped in heads first and, after some trial and error, I made a couple molds to make a housing for the lens. Obviously, they’re not 100% in the pics but I wanted to show the construction.


Like I said, it gets kinda serious. This is the process for making the rear cap. That’s where I’m at now but these should be wrapped up in the next few days. It takes a while because I like to let the fiberglass set overnight before i work with it.

Jaime’s Y33

This project has been going on for a while but it’s coming to it’s conclusion. I won’t get too much into it but along the way this car has accumulated custom BC coilovers, Battle Version arms, some parts have been replaced, and install of the initial Autopilot system (with some new additions) has commenced.


The first thing I tackled was pulling power to the back. It’s nothing major, but I can’t stand opening the hood to ugly wiring in the bay. Stinger power wire was Tech Flexed and terminated with adhesive lined heat shrink. The fuse holder isn’t beautiful, but it was a freebie so whatever…


One of the next projects knocked out was molding the Autopilot controller. We chose to eliminate the cup holders so that the controller will be covered by a factory hatch in the center console when not in use. I put in some work on this. A filler piece was piece was plastic welded into the trimmed down OEM insert, and the controller was melded into that (there are a couple progress pics on the FB page). The face was smoothed out and flocked. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to reuse this controller since it was previously molded not so well, but I cut it out, stripped it down, and made it work. Go me.


The trunk on this one took a while to figure out. We wanted to hide the compressors initially but because of the factory layout it just wasn’t going to work. Instead, the compressors will be above the Birch ply floor. I mentioned the material for any of you guys still using MDF for your trunks. Birch is lighter, stiffer, and more durable. Get with it. Stay tuned for multiple hardline projects running concurrently.

460 x 2 = 920?

I’m also working on 2 nearly identical LS460 installs at the same damn time. One in shop, one to be completed in steps for a friend/team member (hint, hint).

Ken’s Lexus will be receiving BC coilovers, UAS bags/Brackets, and an Accuair eLevel system. We had some parts powdercoated from one of my sources and purchased some extra stuff for the sake of dress up. Up to this point it’s pretty much been sending stuff out and parts gathering, but I did cut a floor for it today.


Birch ply again of course. This will be duplicated for the second install, however the display will be different for both. Ken’s will be more clean and compact, while the second one will be a bit more showy.

Thanks for checking out the blog, and thanks to those who have been tuning in while nothing was really being posted.


Stillen Intake
35% Charcoal Green Tint
Carlsson 1/16 (19×8.5/10)
Nankang NS2 (215[F]235[R]/35-19)
Powered By Max Adjustable Spacer Kit (F/R)
Muteki Open End Racing Lug Nuts
JIC-Magic FLT-TAR VIP Super Low Coilovers
SPL Outer Tie Rod Ends
SPL Titanium Tension Arms
SPL Titanium Traction Arms
SPL Titanium Rear Upper Control Arms
SPL Titanium Toe Arms
SPL Lockout Kit
Garson Dice Ashtray