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Stillen Intake
35% Charcoal Green Tint
Carlsson 1/16 (19×8.5/10)
Nankang NS2 (215[F]235[R]/35-19)
Powered By Max Adjustable Spacer Kit (F/R)
Muteki Open End Racing Lug Nuts
JIC-Magic FLT-TAR VIP Super Low Coilovers
SPL Outer Tie Rod Ends
SPL Titanium Tension Arms
SPL Titanium Traction Arms
SPL Titanium Rear Upper Control Arms
SPL Titanium Toe Arms
SPL Lockout Kit
Garson Dice Ashtray


New to the Garage: ’04 Altima SE

Got a new toy to play with! Read the rest of this entry

Install: A32/JIC-Magic

Nels brought his car down from Dallas to have a set of JIC FLT-FAS coilovers installed. The car was purchased from up North while he was deployed in the Middle East. If he could have seen all the rust on the undercarriage before hand I bet he would have thought twice. It made for an “interesting” install.

The ride height was set conservatively, but last I heard Nels had caught the slam bug.