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Khanh’s 430 Progress

We are sad to say that Khanh’s UCF31 will not be ready for show at WekFest Dallas (we do have something planned though). The project was just too big for the time alloted. Live and learn I suppose. Anyways… last we shared the body was primed and custom work had begun. The first order of business was the facelift front end. This required a few trips to the dealer and some trimming but no biggie.

The next order of business was a pair of custom fenders. The all metal fenders were widened 1″ and radiused .5″ for lock to lock turning at ride height. Care was taken to ensure that the modifications would be hard to spot once everything is smoothed out. ┬áVents were added to keep the LS up to par with modern styling cues (without going over the top of course).

Work has also begun on Khanh’s Mode Parfume body kit. These days, if you choose to keep up with the current trends, having a kit isn’t enough. Subtle modifications will set this MP kit apart from the others. Mods include a shaved plate base, added lower lip section, and additional cutouts (styled after the existing holes).

There is a ton of wiring in this car (this is just a small taste). We’re going to pull it all and redo it in an organized manner.

‘Til next time…


Not much going on in The Garage. Been slowly working on my office/shop to make it a bit more presentable/comfortable/professional. Other than that I’ve been helping my boy at his shop with an ’81 Caprice project.

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